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100k/hr Hp xp (No chinning)

Postitage siia RS teemalisi õpetusi ja soovitusi.
Postitusi: 975
Liitunud: 17 Jaan 2016, 19:35
RSN: Tj mz

100k/hr Hp xp (No chinning)

Postitas Tim^ » 10 Veebr 2017, 14:11

Over the last couple of days some I've overheard some people struggling to get those last couple HP levels. This is a method I used to get 99 hp on my zerker, pure , main , and range tank. Some of you might know of it, but im sure some people don't.

Requirements: 40% Shayzien house Favor and decent combat stats.

Step 1: Locate the Crime board


Step 2: Read the crime board, this will tell you where to locate the group.


Step 3: Locate the Group. I wont get much into these locations, They're pretty easy to locate.

Step 4: wait for the group to spawn, make sure you start in world 2-10. Kill the group, and hop worlds down the list. if you don't see any other groups don't give up, it takes a few hops. kill all the groups you can in the allotted time. I believe you get 15 minutes. they drop some decent loots to be honest, noted mahogany planks, oak planks, teak planks rune scims ect. but the drop we're after is "INTEL"


Step 5: Now its time to finish up, times up, groups stopped spawning. on average you will get 20-24. sometimes you'll get a bad run. but its time to trade these in for xp books.


Step 6: claiming you xp. These books will give Xp in melee stats only. Attack Strength Defence and hitpoints.. They give you XP based on your current level. LOW LEVELS WILL OBTAIN BAD XP! But it is a great way to get str xp wil no hp xp. but today lets focus on Hitpoint xp.


Now. 18 books is a bad run honestly. but on a bad run I got 44.5k hp xp in 20 minutes, another group wont appear on the board for another 20 minutes, then you need to wait about 15-20 minutes for them to spawn. in this off time you should be Grinding pc, or afking Nmz. this method will notttt gain you 99 hp alone. but every 40 minutes, you can come along and grab 50k+ xp in about 15-20 minutes. Its excellent xp it takes 0 effort, and honestly I even do this between nmz games for extra str xp.

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The herblore
Postitusi: 980
Liitunud: 17 Jaan 2016, 20:52

Re: 100k/hr Hp xp (No chinning)

Postitas The herblore » 10 Veebr 2017, 14:20

Ja mina idioot tegin fishinguga.

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Liitunud: 03 Jaan 2016, 00:34

Re: 100k/hr Hp xp (No chinning)

Postitas Karli » 11 Veebr 2017, 10:01

Seven kirjutas:
10 Veebr 2017, 14:18
Soovitasin Karlile ka ta hp jaoks.
Lasin enda 10hp accil sellega def 75 ülikähku. Abi vajate siis pm.

Ty õpetuse eest.
NMZ punktid tho :/
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aw panic lol
Postitusi: 1745
Liitunud: 17 Jaan 2016, 17:25
RSN: south c0rp3

Re: 100k/hr Hp xp (No chinning)

Postitas aw panic lol » 11 Veebr 2017, 11:27

Paris hea opetus
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